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3 Ultimate Dark Spots Reducing Ingredients to Try at Home

Several attempts of DIY tricks for dark spots have made you sick. We have curated the 3 best ingredients to get rid of those stubborn pigmentations and dark spots. With the age, dark spots and age spots are common appearances on the skin but for real, they can steal all the charm. No matter how much we desire and put in efforts to get flawless skin, our everyday skin issues pop up like unwanted guests. To aggravate the woes, even pimples and acne leave behind pesky spots.

The scars and dark spots usually don’t go away on their own for a long time, unless it is treated with the right ingredient. Therefore, we have curated easy, peasy, and effective treatments to welcome clear skin by reducing dark spots. Well, dark spots on treatment tend to get lighter and finally go away with time.

Ways to reduce dark spots and pigmentation at home with powerful ingredients:

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most potent ingredient that deals with dark spots like a pro. There are various Vitamin C-infused products available in cream and serum forms that work effectively against these stubborn dark spots and pigmentations on the skin. This ingredient works at gradually reducing and lightening the darker and weaker spots of the skin while igniting the inner glow. Usually, a high amount of melanin present in the skin is responsible for these dark spots. Vitamin C is a hub of antioxidant properties that lighten this melanin while reversing age spots and skin damage. Try including Vitamin C-based products in your regular skincare routine while topping it up with good sunscreen.

Tafrepa Recommends: Agefine Forte (Glutathione + Vitamin C + Alpha Lipoic Acid)

2. Niacinamide

Niacinamide is an excellent skin-lightening ingredient that can work all-time against dark spots and age spots. Using the niacinamide-infused product on the skin can effectively rejuvenate the skin to deliver a noticeable reduction in dark spots. Niacinamide is known to boost the collagen production of the skin while helping at forming healthy ceramides on the skin. It superiorly acts as a natural barrier on the skin while protecting it from several environmental damages. Moreover, these ingredients aid in maintaining healthy and radiant skin. On applying niacinamide to the skin, it roughly takes around 4-6 weeks to achieve a desirable result. Use this ingredient in your regular skincare routine while topping it up with sunscreen to lock in its impact.

Tafrepa Recommends: Acnetop Gel, Agefine Cream, Agefine face wash,

3. Licorice

This is another magic-delivering ingredient on the skin that reverses dark spots and discoloration on religious use. Licorice extract is an age-old formula to lighten dark spots and pigmentations. All thanks to liquiritin – a compound present in licorice, that helps reduce the excess of melanin production in the skin while offering a skin-lightening effect. Desiring to achieve a glowing and spotless skin tone? Licorice extract is good to go ingredient for any skin type.

Tafrepa Recommends: Agefine Skin Whitening Soap Now that we have the top skin-lightening ingredients listed above, stop worrying about these dark spots and start incorporating them for amazing skin-beautifying results.