Add These Vitamin E products to your skincare routine from Tafrepa for spotless glow

Who doesn’t love to get compliments? We all love it when people start complimenting your glowing skin and hair. Any beauty expert or skincare specialist would only suggest ‘glow comes from within’. Somehow we all have accepted this and tried incorporating skin-brightening supplements and foods to get that flawless skin. 

Although eating the right food is the first step towards healthy skin and hair, vitamins are the next to-go. Vitamin E for skin and hair is one of the best supplements introduced by skincare science. Vitamin E, also known as ‘tocopherol’, is nothing but a bunch of antioxidants that will reward your skin and hair with several benefits. 

Benefits of Vitamin E

  1. Reverses UV damage
  2. Promotes healing
  3. Hydrates with moisture balance
  4. Enhances skin elasticity 

To witness the above 4-in-1 benefit, include Vitamin E-infused products in your regular skincare routine. Our wide range of Vitamin E enriched products is mentioned below:

Agefine Skin Whitening Range

Nourish your dehydrated and tired skin while enhancing the skin tone with the use of Agefine Skin Whitening Facewash (L Glutathione). Enriched with the goodness of L Glutathione and Vitamin E, this face wash cleanses the facial skin by repairing skin damage. Agefine Skin Whitening is also available in cream and soap form. 

Acnetop Soap

Go breakout and acne-free with Vitamin E & Allantoin-infused Best Acnetop SoapThis anti-acne medicated soap rejuvenates skin cells while combating acne and inflammation. 

Sunroof Sunscreen Protection Lotion Get radiant and UV-protected skin for an extended time with this Sunroof Sunscreen Protection Lotion. Power-packed with the goodness of Vitamin E, this lightweight sunscreen inhibits skin damage by counteracting free radicals.