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4 Signs of Unhealthy Vaginal


The most enclosed and hidden part of our body, which is less discussed of course is the vagina. With lesser or inadequate ventilation, the vagina is more prone to raising concerns. On ignoring and at least discussing with your healthcare experts on this, the condition may get worse. Regularly maintaining healthy hygiene, adopting healthy eating habits, and working out for a healthy lifestyle while keeping your vaginal health in check can be some great ways to reach the healthy vaginal goal. 

How to evaluate vaginal health?

According to the expert, every women’s vagina is not the same. They differ in shape, size, type, and amount of discharge released. Like any other part of the body, even the vagina needs attention, care, and pampering. Especially the vaginas are the common spot of bacterial build-up that may catch an infection quickly. Although it’s difficult to understand the actual health of the vagina tightening tips, there are some signs you should look for to understand, it’s time to act! 

Look for 4 symptoms that may convey an unhealthy vagina

1. Itchy and reddish skin

The vaginal valve that itches and becomes red most of the time is an unhealthy sign. It could be the allergic impact of body wash or any other product including panties or sanitary pads. There could be vaginal dryness, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that may trigger an itchy area. You might consider seeing a gynecologist to identify the root cause of itching. 

2. Irregular discharge

As discussed earlier, the amount of vaginal discharge differs from one individual to another. Someone with mild, clear and milky discharge that doesn’t involve any odour is a sign of healthy vaginal discharge. Those who have fluctuating vaginal discharge with the peculiar odour can be a sign of an underlying unhealthy condition that would demand a doctor’s intervention. 

3. Burning sensation

If you are experiencing any kind of burning sensation, then it is not common. There could be a sign of infection. Hence, consider seeing your gynecologist diagnose and treat the condition before the condition aggravates. 

4. Unpleasant smell

The smell of the vagina differs from one woman to another. It doesn’t have to smell amazing like lavender to be on the healthier side. However, the foul smelling vagina is definitely not a sign of a healthy vagina. The changes in discharge and smell also differ in people with changing ovulation cycles. Staying hydrated and paying additional attention to the way the vagina smells can help keep your vaginal health in check. Ladies! Now that you know what signs you should look for, ensure to maintain optimum vaginal health by identifying these symptoms.

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