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5 Things to Take Care Of While Treating a Sunburn


No matter what you feel about the sun, it’s difficult to avoid the harsh rays of the sun. That’s why almost everyone is emphasizing more on sunscreen for best skin care product. Probably sunscreens come into the picture as a preventative measure, what about post damage? To be precise, if people have ended up getting sunburned on the summer vacation, here’s what next you should be doing. 

With growing age, we all have understood the importance of SPF in our skincare routine. But there are days when you may just miss applying before heading out or reapply it. Getting sunburned in such a situation is common. We have curated a few tips which you should be taking care of while you are treating your sunburnt skin. 

What is sunburn?

Sunburn is nothing but an aggravated skin condition that happens when your bare skin is exposed to direct sun rays for a prolonged duration. It can make your skin inflamed with hot flashes and irritation.

Here’s what you should be avoiding on sunburn affected skin:- 

1. Avoid using petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is known for soothing dry skin as it helps offer moisture and softness. Those with sunburn should definitely avoid using it on their skin as it terribly blocks the pores of your skin while not letting the heat escape or sweat further.

2. Keep ice packs at bay

Ice packs are known to cool our bodies down quickly under extreme conditions during summer. But ice therapy inhibits moisture from the skin while leaving them dry and flaky while aggravating the sunburn.

3. Avoid popping any blisters

At times sunburn comes along with blisters on the skin as well. Popping any kind of blister can damage your skin further while slowing down the process of healing. 

4. Avoid wearing non-breathable tight clothes

If you are dealing with sunburnt skin, you must avoid wearing non-breathable and tight fitting clothes which tend to stick to your skin. The friction of tight clothes on your sunburnt area can aggravate the pain while causing irritation further. 

5. Avoid skin irritants

Do not apply skin irritant products such as benzocaine based skin care products. They are harsh on the skin and can lead to an allergic reaction as well.

Fabulous tips to treat sunburn at home

• Ensure to stay indoors in a cool environment.

• Try taking frequent cool baths or showers to gain relief from the sunburn.

• Always pat dry yourself gently after showering.

• Ensure to apply a lightweight moisturizer on your skin after a bath to prevent skin dryness. 

• Try using Aloe Vera gel to soothe your sunburned skin.

• Keep sipping more water to prevent dehydration in the body.

Follow all the dos and don’ts mentioned above while dealing with sunburn. If the condition aggravates, ensure to consult a dermatologist for help.

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