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7 Easy Hygienic Skincare Tips to Follow


Our regular basic skincare routine precisely revolves around the process of cleansing, moisturizing, and smearing skincare products to enhance the overall appearance of our skin. Do you still experience breakouts? Well, there must be a lack of hygiene in your skincare routine which is why you are yet facing breakouts and other skin woes. We have curated some amazing skin hygiene tips that you should be adding to your regular skincare routine for healthy and flawless skin.

Super Hygienic Skincare Tips You Should be following at Home:

  1. Those who don’t wash their hands before touching their face are prone to frequent breakouts and pimples on their skin. It is because our hands often come in contact with several germs and bacteria throughout the day, which can get easy access to your facial skin through the hands. Ensure to keep your hands clean and tidy before touching your face or before applying any skincare products
  1. Keeping your makeup applicators, sponges, and brushes unclean can accumulate bacterial and germs build-up. Reusing the same without cleaning can abruptly transfer those bacteria to your skin while resulting in breakouts. It is the best practice to thoroughly clean your makeup applicators and brushes at least once a week with soap and water to get rid of dirt and germs.
  1. Using phones and other gadgets without sanitizing your phone can attract too many germs and bacteria to the surface. When our skin comes in contact with these germs, they transfer the bacteria causing germs to develop pimples and break out further. Therefore, it is essential to regularly disinfect the surface of your phone and wipe clean your gadgets before using them to prevent your skin from various germs and bacteria.
  1. It is essential to take care of your pillowcases and the towels that you use regularly. Using unclean pillowcases and towels have too much dirt, oil, and bacteria accumulation over them that can react negatively with your skin. Regularly washing them inhibits bacterial build-up from transferring to your skin while you are sleeping or using the towel. Ensure to wash them once a week at least or at least after 3 to 4 days of use. 
  1. Buy skin care products come with a shelf life and you should be changing them at equal intervals. Using expired or chemical-infused products on your skin can react with the surface of your skin, causing acne, rashes, and other skin issues. You should be extremely cautious with those products that come in contact with your mouth and lips. 
  1. Those skincare products that are not preserved or stored properly can react on your skin resulting in several skin problems in the future. The efficacy of the product depends on the way you’ve stored a particular skincare product. Moreover, the suggestion of keeping skincare products away from direct sunlight, and keeping the lid tightly closed can prevent products from contaminating.
  1. Keeping your skin unclean after applying makeup can ruin the real texture and feel of your skin. It can further react with the surface of your skin, triggering pimples, breakouts, and other skin issues. Hence, skin care experts strongly recommend going to be without any traces of makeup as doing so may clog the pores of the skin causing breakouts. 

Following these skin care hygiene on regular basis along with your usual skincare routine of T.L.C (tender, love, and care) can revamp your skin while delivering a spotless glow.

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