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Avoid 5 Makeup Blunders to Keep Acne at Bay

Keep Acne at Bay

Have you been in the regular plight of acne breakout? Exposure to pollution, consuming fatty foods, and fluctuating hormones, are some common makeup oversights that can contribute to the ruthless formation of acne breakouts. Although makeup is applied on the skin to look fabulous but, things may not be the same with the wrong makeup tricks. Firstly, ensure to use cosmetics that are free from chemicals and acne-producing elements. If you notice acne breakouts on your cheeks, forehead, and other parts of the face, your makeup must have gone wrong. Let’s look at some of the makeup blunders we must avoid to prevent acne breakouts in the future.

Five makeup blunders to keep acne and breakouts at bay

1. Sleeping with makeup on

If you have left your makeup as it is and going to bed, probably causing creating breakouts. Adopting the best skincare practice can save your skin from any damage. Ensure to cleanse your face with makeup remover at night before going to bed. You can also consider washing your face post-makeup removal to ensure that zero residues are left on the skin.

2. Applying makeup with dirty hands or blenders

Avoid using your dirty hands to apply makeup as it may transfer grime and bacteria from the surface of your hands to your face. Such mistakes can quickly lead to acne breakouts that may ruin your entire look. With hands, ensure to regularly clean your makeup applicators and blender as well before reusing.

3. Applying expired products

Always check the expiry before using any product on your skin. Applying any makeup beyond its expiry can instantly react with your skin, causing too many acne and pimples. Always consider buying products with a longer shelf life as the makeup usually tend to last longer, based on the frequency of application. The mascara, which you use, should be replaced every three months. The eyeshadows and eyeliners need replacement every six to twelve months based on their expiry. The rest of the makeup products usually have 12 months of shelf life. Consider referring to the expiration dates mentioned on the product. Anyone using oil or liquid-based makeup should refrain from using it for a longer duration or beyond its expiry as it can retain microorganisms quickly. 

4. Sharing makeup with others

This is the most common mistake most of do but fail to understand. Sharing cosmetics, makeup brushes, and blenders, whilst not washing them properly can result in acne formation. The best thing to do is, to refrain from sharing your makeup with others as it may transfer the oil and other germs from one surface of the skin to another. 

5. Drenching your skin in makeup all day long

Always ensure your pores of the facial skin can breathe enough. Applying too many layers of makeup can eventually trap the pores while enabling them to breathe enough. It can further lead to acne breakouts whilst making them worst with the passing hours.  Now that you know what things can harm your skin, ensure to practice the best pre and post-makeup hygiene. Avoid applying makeup without a base of moisturizer or sunscreen, as it can make your makeup caky and your skin break. Xheal Peach Milk Lotion and Sunroof Sunscreen Lotion with SPF-50 can work as a great base for any Indian skin tone. Simply apply any of these two lotions before applying make to ensure your skin doesn’t get damaged. 

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