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Best Summer Travel Tips For Hair & Skin


The summer holidays are here and we all know you must be planning a friends/family trip to relax and rewind. No matter wherever you’d plan, whether, to the serene hills or tranquil beaches, your itinerary should definitely include taking care of your hair and skin. Don’t let the fun time and exhausting traveling, take a toll on your body, as the most delicate skin and hair hardly take time to explode. 

To be precise, transporting to a new location, adapting to the new climate, and majorly relying on outside eateries can heavily negatively impact the skin and hair. Results? Dull hair, acne breakouts, and dried lips. Although it may seem tough to maintain, we have some amazingly curated tips to consider while traveling in summer for healthy skin care, and lips. 

Skincare tips while traveling

1. Prep yourself for the new weather

While you are heading to a totally new place, stop all the guesswork and research for the actual climate and temperature of the vacation spot. Accordingly, design your skincare routine which should mandatorily include a face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen. The rest of the makeup that you apply should also go well with your skin following the weather. For instance, you might require a pore cleansing and skin hydrating product if you are traveling in a humid climate.

2. Be there for your skin on holidays too 

While you are on a break, your skin cells aren’t on a break. Hence, following a skincare routine is non-negotiable whether you are at home or on vacation. Following a consistent skincare routine is the key to healthy and happy skin.

3. Have cleanser and moisturizer handy

It is important to keep your skin moisturized right from the time you’ve begun your journey. If you are already traveling for hours, ensure to keep your skin regularly cleansed and moisturized. For an additional boost of hydration, you can also consider packing some sheet masks for quick revival. Ensure to sweep off the makeup with a cleanser before moisturizing. 

4. Carry a toner & sunscreen

Toner is the best way to re-energize your skin after a long tiring day. You can all the time use a non-greasy and mattifying skin toner that sets well on your skin throughout the season. Ensure to apply sunscreen as well while stepping out to prevent tanning and skin damage. It is great to use a gel-based sunscreen throughout summer or water resistant sunscreen while going towards the beach.

5. Stay hydrated

Always carry your water bottle wherever you go! Keep sipping as and when required at regular intervals. Traveling usually is exhausting, and people often skip to hydrate themselves enough. It can further take a toll on your skin while dropping the radiance and shine. Ensure to take care of your lips by applying SPF-based lip balm. 

Hair care tips while traveling 

1. Ensure to cover your hair with a scarf or hat

It is equally important to cover your hair with a hat or a scarf to protect them from outer dust, pollution, and harsh elements in the environment. Incorporating this habit can prevent hair damage and early ageing. If necessary, keep your hair tied up usually while on an open vehicle ride or cruise ride. Tangled hair is highly prone to damage and breakage. 

2. Carry your own hair care products

Your hair is as unique as the skin! Hence, you need to stick to your ideal personal care products instead of using those non-branded hotel toiletries. The harsh chemicals involved in making can react and ruin your hair and skin adversely. If you are using any, ensure to read the ingredients carefully to understand the formulation before use. 

3. Use SPF for hair

You can forget everything at home, but not a hair serum with SPF. Traveling out without SPF is a big mistake that can ruin your crown of glory. Pick a good quality hair serum with SPF-15! Apply to your damp hair every day to prevent your strands and scalp from any aggressive elements.

Traveling is all about reviving your skin, hair, and soul! This has to be fun and not worry some at the end. Simply follow the above skin and hair care tips, to have a relaxing and reviving summer vacation. 

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