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Brides, These Hair Mistakes Can Ruin Your D-Day

Brides Mistakes Can Ruin You

Find wedding preparation difficult and time-consuming? Well, prepping your skin for your big day is equally time-consuming and it needs a lot of care and attention! You might have so many things running in your mind while you are shopping for your bridal outfit and running around for trials. Outfit trials, jewellery trials, make-up trials, hair trials… with so many errands, you’d often feel exhausted by the end of the day to take care of yourself – especially the skin and hair.   

Well, it is important to get into the self-care part in the first place since the wedding date has been announced. A bride needs at least a few months to prep the skin for D-Day. And for those who fail to plan anything beforehand, here’s what you need to avoid getting done, right before the wedding.   

Here’s a list of what brides should avoid indulging in, right before the wedding:

Do not try new home remedies

Home remedies and kitchen ingredients work excellently, but using them within a month’s gap is not okay. Skin rejuvenating DIY recipes can sometimes go wrong on your skin and therefore to avoid the issues later, it is highly suggested to do much trial and error a month before D-day. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to book an appointment with a certified specialist at least three months prior.

Avoid skin treatments

Skin lightening and brightening treatments are quite common among brides nowadays. If you are thinking of getting a special skin-lightening treatment before your wedding, ensure to do it much before avoiding any side effects. At least make sure there is a month of a gap so that any kind of side effect or allergy could subside by then. 

Go safe with your hair removal technique

We know the importance of having silky smooth, soft, and hairless skin. However, we don’t recommend skipping this process until D-day arrives. Instead, choose the best and hassle-free method to remove hair at least 4 days before D-day. Also, avoid trying new techniques to remove hair as it might leave behind irritated, or inflamed skin. It is highly essential to keep your skin thoroughly moisturized and nourished with the best moisturizing lotion for smooth, clear, and spotless shine on the skin.

Avoid colouring hair before the wedding

We know hair colour looks fabulous and doing it for your D-day will add to your grand makeover. However, we highly suggest going for hair colouring at least a month prior as the chemicals present in the hair colour might react, leading to allergy. 

Avoid facials 

Our facial skin is extremely sensitive and all the stress and preparations right before your wedding day can make them highly prone to dullness. Facials are a great way to get glowing skin instantly, but going for facial and exfoliation right before the wedding should be avoided. Doing so may trigger acne and breakouts right during the days when you wish to look naturally glowing around the clock. Tafrepa is your one-stop-shop platform where you can shop for your skincare, hair care, and personal care items to get that wedding glow without getting under the knife or running errands. Browse through the entire range on the website to know more.

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