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Can Any Other Skincare Ingredient Go With Vitamin C?

Can Any Other Skincare Ingredient Go With Vitamin C

A rigorous skincare routine is the epitome secret of any flawless and glowing skin. To pull it off like a pro, it is essential to understand which skincare ingredients work well in combination and which do not. Here’s a list of crucial skincare combinations such as vitamin C, retinol, and other ingredients that you shouldn’t be clubbing together.

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Skincare combinations you should be avoiding

Adopting any skincare ritual for glowing skin is tricky and at times havoc as the skin is not used to the changes. The active ingredients start triggering your skin to slowly activate and shine. Hence, it is necessary to understand the right combinations of key ingredients to ensure you never get wrong with your skincare routine. The havoc aggravates those who have sensitive skin. The active ingredients usually increase the turnover of cells to regulate oil activity that further leads to acne. 

1. Avoid using retinol with AHA

Retinol and AHA are skin exfoliating agents. Using them together can increase skin cell turnover at top speed while leaving your skin irritated. Ensure to use one ingredient at a time for at least three months and later shift to other ingredients after that to see excellent results.

2. Avoid using retinoids with benzoyl peroxide

Using retinol and benzoyl peroxide separately can do wonders for your skin, but those who are using them together may end up having flaky and irritated skin. To use these ingredients throughout your skincare routine, use benzoyl peroxide during the day and retinoid at night.

3. Avoid using retinol and vitamin C

Although Vitamin C works great on the skin, it’s understood that it needs an acidic environment to show a positive result. Retinol demands a slightly alkaline pH that delivers better absorption. Therefore, retinol is highly recommended to apply on the skin at night as it is photosensitive. At the same time, Vitamin C is photoprotective. Hence you can apply Vitamin C in the daytime before applying sunscreen.

4. Avoid using retinol and salicylic acid 

Pairing salicylic acid and retinol together may not go well as it tends to stimulate sebum activity on the application. Therefore, it is best to use salicylic acid during the daytime and retinol at night.

5. Avoid using Vitamin C with AHA and BHA

AHA and BHA defuse the impact of Vitamin C when used together while destabilizing the skin. It is highly recommended to use Vitamin C in the daytime, and AHA and BHA at night to gain benefits.

These ingredients are known to have a powerful impact on the skin if used in the right way at the right time. Boom your skincare routine with these fabulous tips and see noticeable results within a few months. 

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