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Common Constipation Myths Busted

Common Constipation Myths Busted

#Myth 1

Constipation is unavoidable as you age

According to reports, the tendency to get constipated may increase as you age, but it is not unavoidable at all. To be precise, the condition only worsens with poor diet, underlying medical issues, and medicinal intake. 

#Myth 2

Yogurt can heal constipation

Yogurt includes probiotics to promote healthy bacteria within the gut. Although that doesn’t mean yogurt can heal constipation. Consuming probiotics regularly with a fibrous diet can help keep constipation at bay. 

#Myth 3

Not passing stool daily refers to constipation 

Having a normal bowel movement can differ from person to person. Constipation is not determined by the frequency of passing stool. Going thrice a week can indicate a healthy gut as much as going twice a day. Those who can’t pass stool for over 3 – 5 days may need expert help. 

#Myth 4

Water intake can heal constipation

Although consuming a healthy amount of water is considered a good practice, gulping down higher water intake can’t encourage a bowel movement. Healthy bowel functioning depends on an adequate amount of fibre and water consumed. 

#Myth 5

Constipation is not a serious problem

For many, constipation is not a condition that needs to be taken care of. In reality, if left untreated, chronic constipation can cause anal fissures and painful haemorrhoids. 

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