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Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Skin


Our quench to look fabulous and youthful compels to spend exclusively on the skincare products. People like me who are vivid beauty enthusiasts can easily justify these spending by clearly stating ‘Anything for good skin’. However, many fail to understand that any expensive skincare wouldn’t work unless you are doing well from within. This includes, one has to stay stress free, avoid junk, and sip on lots of water to allow these creams to work. Many skincare enthusiast don’t get their skincare routine right and which is why they have to deal with poor and unhealthy skin despite spending fortune.

Here are some common skincare mistakes to avoid:-

1. Avoiding double cleansing concept

The concept of double cleansing plays a crucial role in keeping the skincare game on. Primarily not keeping skin clean and ready for the skincare routine, can trigger acne, breakouts and ageing. Our facial skin is exposed to various elements such as makeup, dust, sebum and other impurities. There are pollution build-up that keeps on accumulating throughout the day while affecting the skin. It can further disrupt the peaceful environment of the skin while causing breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse the skin twice with a good cleanser.

2. Applying sunscreen only in the summers

The sunscreens are not just meant to be used in summer as they are helpful in preventing tan, premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. Gently smearing sunscreen throughout the season helps to prevent serious skin ailments. During the summer when the sun is at its peak, you should be applying broad spectrum sunscreen before heading out to protect skin from sun damage.

3. Picking or popping up your zits

Constantly popping breakouts or fidgeting with pimples can lead to bacterial build-up in the skin. Therefore, doing so could worsen the damage while leaving marks or scars behind. Hence, allow your breakouts or pimples to heal on its own at its own pace. You can apply acne healing gel with your clean hands on the spots to escalate the process of healing.

4. Applying products in the wrong order

There is a chain of process to apply various skincare products from start to end. According to the rule, one should be applying the thinnest consistency before the thicker and creamier ones. For instance, a cream won’t work on moisturiser as it blocks the lighter consistency products.

5. Doing your skincare routine right before going to bed

It is good to have a night time skincare routine as it sets your skin into the mode of repair and reset. However, it is highly recommended to do your night skincare ritual an hour before going to bed as it allows your skin to absorb the elements instead of getting wiped through the pillow.

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