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Easy Foot care Tips to Follow This Winter

Easy Foot care Tips to Follow This Winter

The transitioning cold weather and chilling scenes with our best friend indoors are all we love to do. Sipping back-to-back coffee can work to stay warm. When it comes to taking care of our body, we often lack in taking care of our feet. Your overlooked feet have a lot to say, especially during the winter season. All those who think wearing slippers throughout the season will help in keeping feet in good condition. Well, you are wrong! Our feet are in excellent condition when they are cared for throughout the rough season until they are happy.

Here are amazing foot care tips that you should be following this winter:

1. Exfoliate

Winters mean dry and chapped feet. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub that soothes your rough and dried feet. Follow it with a scrubbing session to effectively avoid callus formation while relieving chapped feet. It is a great way to eliminate dead skin cells and impurities while leaving your feet supple and soft. The process of scrubbing or exfoliation should be practiced every once a week no matter what season it is.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing is an important step that should be followed right after a nice scrub. You’re dehydrated and rough feet need ultimate nourishment while keeping all the skin troubles away. Pat dry your feet every morning post bath or scrub and massage gently with a foot care cream to keep them hydrated and moisture locked throughout the day. 

3. Socks Up

Covering your feet with socks throughout the winter is a great way to keep them dry, protected, and moisturized. Whether you are cooking in the kitchen or sleeping in your room, socks are always an indisputable option. Maximize your feet coverage throughout the season to minimize the damage. And to those who want to ‘pull up their socks, always choose a woollen or cotton pair only instead of synthetic for all-day comfort.

4. Soak Feet in Hot Water

Do you know that soaking your feet for 10-15 minutes in hot water offers excellent relief from painful and inflamed feet? Yes! Moreover, soaking feet in hot water cleanses and detoxifies them while increasing blood flow. Ensure to add salt to hot water to accelerate the pain-relieving process. Follow it with a good moisturizer for your feet after this process. 

5. Prepare DIY Foot Mask

Try masking your feet to offer an additional dose of nourishment. Foot masks are quite hydrating and therefore believed to be a game changer in the world of the Foot Care Industry. These are great for peeling off impurities and treating dry skin instantly without adding much effort. 

Those who are not willing to buy a readymade Foot Mask can go for a DIY mask at home with effortlessly available items in your kitchen. Apply the blend and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. Try including these ingredients to witness the result next time whenever you don’t feel like buying and wish to prepare your own. 

Cucumber + Lemon + Olive Oil

Turmeric + Gram Flour + Rose Water

Oats + Honey + Lemon

Multani Mitti + Honey + Lemon Juice

6. Treat your Cracked Feet

Your cracked feet are no less than attention seekers! The more you avoid them, the more they will grab your attention. The best you should do is treat them before they have caught your attention. Apply Healing Pharma’s Healing Foot Crack Cream for soothing and rapid crack healing results. Try this Ayurvedic blend to restore the appearance of your feet today!

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