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Easy Vagina Tightening Tips to Try Today!


A healthy vagina plays a vital role in a woman’s life to have an exciting sex life and feel confident, appealing, young, and energetic from within. There could be several reasons for saggy, or loose vagina, and it’s a common phase through we ladies have to go through after a certain age or medical condition. Whether some believe it or not, a loose vagina does trigger personal lives. To keep your feminine area rejuvenated and afloat in the game, we have some amazing tips for you that you can try at home today.  

Before that let us learn if loose vaginas are for real or just a misconception. 

Well, vaginal health is a much less discussed topic that takes us through a lot of myths and misconceptions. Vaginal health however differs from person to person. It’s a fact that we should all be accepting that aging impacts the vaginal skin care product as well as it does the other parts of the body. With the age, we tend to lose elasticity and can shrink or stretch based on several alterations of situations. Some of the common causes of a loose vagina are as below:

– Age factor

– Childbirth (on multiple vaginal childbirths)

– Menopause

– Traumatic injury

– Other health conditions

Here are the best home tips that can help tighten your vagina naturally:

1. Practice Kegel Exercises

Performing Kegel exercises at home helps support the bladder, uterus, rectum, and small intestine. Engaging yourself in such floor exercises can dramatically strengthen your pelvic muscles while offering excellent strength to your vaginal walls. On regular Kegel practice at home, you can see noticeable vaginal tightening results.

2. Try Pelvic Tilt Exercise

Now you can strengthen and support your abdominal and vaginal muscles by simply performing pelvic tilt exercises at home. To perform this exercise, you should be standing with your butt and shoulders against the wall. Now gradually pull your belly button toward your spine. Ensure to tighten your belly button while holding the position for at least 4 seconds before you release.

3. Do Squats

Combining squats with your regular Kegel exercises can be a great way to tighten and tone your pelvic area including your vaginal muscles. To perform proper squats, stretch your legs and stand with your hips outwards. Bend over from your knees as if you are sitting on a bench and gradually rise above. Repeat this pose several times.

4. Legs Rise Exercise 

Leg raise exercises are great to add strength to your pelvic region while tightening your vagina. To perform this exercise, raise your legs against the wall as much as you can. Practice several times depending on your ability to perform. You can also perform this exercise while lying on your bed.

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