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Excellent Hacks to Bust Yellow Tartar from Teeth!


Tartar is that stubborn guest who just refuses to leave unless you do something about it. The best part is, you don’t have to call in for some experts to get that cleaned. Are you recoiling with the thought of your next dental appointment, thinking of those yellow teeth could be the centre of scrutiny? You don’t have to worry anymore about the tartar build-up right from the comfort of your home. Here are brilliant ways to get rid of tartar on your teeth for a healthier and more confident smile! 

What is tartar?

Tartar usually appears when your brushing fails to remove the plaque from the surface of the teeth and gums. Plaque is usually a sticky and soft bacteria that forms a layer. When not cleaned regularly, they further develop into tartar which in the future could lead to gum disease, decaying tooth decay, and bad breath if left untreated.

Hence to prevent the formation of tartar, you should ensure to practice good dental hygiene. 

1. Ensure to brush your teeth daily at least twice a day with a fluoride based toothpaste.

2. Incorporate flossing into your daily oral care routine as it can help in pulling out plaque and particles of food that are stuck between your teeth.

3. Consider using antiseptic mouthwash to kill those germs and bacteria from the teeth.

4. Consume a healthy and balanced diet that is low in sugar and high in fibre.

5. Refrain from consuming tobacco or smoking as it rapidly builds tartar and stains your teeth.

Easy ways to remove tartar at home

On the tartar build-up, it’s not easy to get rid of those tars with simple brushing or flossing. Although it is ideal to find a dental expert for scaling, there are some things that you would like to do at home rather than running down the dentistry on usual:

1. Baking soda and water

Using baking soda acts as an excellent natural abrasion that aids in pulling out tartar build-up from the surface of the teeth. To try this trick, mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a small quantity of water to form a paste. Brush your teeth using this paste for a couple of minutes and rinse your mouth with water. You can repeat this process once every week to see amazing results.

2. Saltwater rinse

This trick of rinsing your mouth with salt water can never go wrong. It acts as a natural disinfectant that aids in removing bacteria and plaque build-up from the teeth. To try this easy-peasy hack, mix half a teaspoon of salt in a small amount of warm water. Rinse your mouth with this solution for at least 30 seconds and spit. Avoid gulping the solution and you can repeat it twice a day. 

3. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a natural bleaching agent that aids in eliminating tartar from the teeth. To use this method, mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide, and then rinse your mouth with the same for at least 30 seconds. Spit the solution after rinsing and wash post-rinse with water. You can repeat this process at least once a week.

4. Oil pulling

Pulling off the oil from the mouth is an ancient practice that involves gargling the oil to remove bacteria. For this, you’d need coconut oil as it has anti-bacterial properties to pull out bacteria. Simply pour some coconut oil into your mouth and swish for at least 10 minutes. You can later brush your mouth and rinse with warm water to get rid of the pungent taste. It is okay to repeat the process once a week.

5. Fruit peels

This is the most delicious way of cleansing your teeth. Simply peel some oranges or lemons and rub gently on your teeth for a few minutes. The citric acid in these fruits helps to break down the tartar while delivering a clean and refreshing effect. You can do this process once a week.

Piling of tartar is a usual dental problem that can be prevented and eliminated by taking the right steps before things get worse. Try to incorporate some of the above natural ways to keep your dental hygiene routine on par! 

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