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Excellent Home Remedies to Treat Sunburn


It could be challenging to plan restricted meetings and vacations where you don’t have to get exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Ultimately getting social and heading out with restrictions can seem to be traumatizing. Some of them add sunscreen to their skincare routine right after going under the sun for safety. But they might end up goofing with their skin by not reapplying sunscreen every few hours to keep up the efficacy of protection. 

For those who aren’t having a desk job, the whole skincare goes for a toss. It is next to impossible to keep up your skin protected all day working out under extreme weather. Even a couple of hours under the sun is enough to leave you with a burn, discoloration, and redness over the exposed area. By the time you even realize the impact of being under the sun, the damage is already done. 

Since sunburn brings along itchy, inflamed, and other skin conditions, one has to take certain steps to restore the damage. This blog will help with some amazing home remedies that you can try to treat those sunburn-affected skin.

Popular ways to treat sunburn at home

  • Aloe Vera Gel to Soothe Sunburn

Aloe Vera can do wonders in healing sunburned skin. According to the reports, Aloe Vera can reduce 97.5% of skin redness associated with UV light exposure. Its high water content is popular for offering hydrating and soothing effects on the skin. This multi-purpose Aloe Vera Gel from Xheal can superiorly calm your affected skin while reducing inflammation. 

  • Wear a good SPF

Sunscreen with a good SPF can explicitly protect your skin from harmful UV rays while offering much-needed nourishment and care to the affected area of the skin. For instance, Sunroof sunscreen with SPF- 50 can hydrate, protect and moisturize the area exposed to the sun including tanning. 

  • Exfoliate the damage

Many skincare experts advise staying extra cautious during the summer season as the risk of sun damage surges. To reverse the damage, they recommend exfoliating more frequently in a week depending on the skin damage. The process of exfoliation aids in eliminating dead skin cells, reducing oil & acne, unclog pores for clearer skin. 

  • Apply Honey 

We all know how effective honey is for the skin. It not only enhances the overall appearance and feel of the skin but also treats sunburned and damaged skin. Apply a thin layer of raw honey to your damaged skin and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry with a warm cotton cloth. You can repeat this process more often according to reduce the inflammation. However, you can notice the result right after the first application.

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