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Feminine Care: Importance of Breast massage


Often indulging in-home massage services or spas, we tend to focus on our back, legs, arms, and shoulders. Breast massages are always considered optional and too sensitive to even pay heed unless the woman is breastfeeding. While some think breast massage is the best way to identify breast cancer, there’s surely more to it! Here are numerous benefits of correctly breast massaging.

Potential benefits of breast massage

1. Helps reduce breast tenderness

According to the experts, breast massaging aids in improving blood flow, and broadening lymphatic drainage. This clearly indicates breast massage is apt to reduce breast tenderness, swelling, and pain. It can further promote a sense of stress relief and relaxation moment.

2. Add shape to your breasts

Those women who have saggy breasts often indulge in breast massage therapies to improve the appearance of their breasts. Any kind of essential oil such as organic ingredients can be used to achieve the desired effect. Religiously indulging in breast massage helps to tighten breasts, improve elasticity, and stimulate the firmness of the skin.

3. Beneficial for breastfeeding moms

Breast massages are considered highly beneficial and extremely important for new moms to be. Consistent massaging helps new moms to experience improved milk flow while making the nerves relaxed. 

Ways to massage your breast correctly

Now that you have learned about all the potential benefits of breast massage, here’s the right way you should be doing it:

  • You should begin with a low-intensity warm-up for your breast by moving your hands lightly in circular motions.
  • You should use your palms to gently apply pressure to your breast while gradually while improving the intensity in circular motions.
  • Stimulate your areola with your fingers while making smaller circular motions around.
  • You should firmly massage the breast nerves without applying too much pressure to stimulate. 

Best Breast Firming Lotion 

B-Top Bust Lotion is an ideal breast massaging lotion that focuses on multi-task by tightening, rejuvenating, and restoring the elasticity of the breast for a fuller and toned appearance. Formulated with a wonderful blend of Vitamin E, Neem extracts, Jaifal extracts, Bael extracts, and Arjuna extracts, this effective breast firming lotion would instantly revive your bust to slowly deliver the shape that you’ve always desired. 

Who should avoid breast massage?

Anyone who has recovered from breast cancer or is on medication for the same should avoid indulging in breast massage as it may not be safe. Those who are dealing with other breast conditions, such as fibrocystic breasts, or have gone through breast implants, should strictly avoid breast massage. Anyone who is pregnant or has a history of breast cancer should consult the doctor before heading for a session. Any woman experiencing discomfort, pain, or unusual variations in the breasts while massaging or after a massage, stop right away and consult the doctor.

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