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Get that Perfect Wedding Glow with Tafrepa

Get that Perfect Wedding Glow

Are you planning to get married? Well, congratulations! I’m sure the first thing you’ve picturized of you is in that bridal attire walking down the aisle. I personally love the idea of prepping for your own look before anything else that is there on your checklist. You tend to get ample free time (probably from the over-burden) of choosing your outfit and entire look. Also, you get more time to think about how you want to get styled. Your dreamy wedding plans will demand you and your skin to be on the toes, no matter how tired and exhausted you are exactly before D-Day arrives. 

Now you can get that Bollywood-style perfect wedding glow with little effort and some months in your hands. We have done the legwork for you and curated the best skincare regime for you that will give you that glowing skin you’ve always desired to have on the Big- Day. 

According to skincare experts, keeping your skin in top condition is more of a healthy and holistic process rather, than a cosmetic process. As the results don’t appear as an overnight or weekend effort. We need at least a few months to reach the desired wedding glow. 

When Six Months to Go for the Big- Day

If you are starting six months before, you can begin with the skincare rituals to enhance the health of your skin from within. The bride should be keen on doing trial and error with several skincare products to understand what works best for the skin. For instance, if you have acne-prone skin, start cleansing your face with Neem Tulsi based Face Wash to gain control over the excess oil formation. Along with this, you can work on those dark circles, fine lines, and skin dullness too, simultaneously for the aggregate result. 

These minute issues need at least six months to get resolved or get under control. Specifically targeting the area of concerns and treating them under the guidance of a skincare expert can do work for your skin. Your skincare expert can help you to understand your skin type for a customized skincare routine. Ensure to treat your tired eyes every night with an under-eye serum. 

When Five Months to Go for the Big- Day

Discover and work on your skin woes if you haven’t already started. Those with sensitive skin should opt for all-natural ingredients-based skincare products. You should be allocating this period to finding your best skincare regime that works excellently on your skin. In case some products don’t go according to your wish, you will still have five months of buffer to resolve those issues. This is the perfect time when you start eating wisely. Restrict sugar intake, and avoid processed and fried foods that may trigger acne and breakouts. 

When Four Months to Go for the Big- Day

If you have started way before, let this month your body adjust to the whole new skincare routine. It’s time for you to exfoliate your skin with the goodness of Activated Charcoal-infused face wash. Now is the time you should be increasing the intake of water and fruits in your diet for excellent health inside out. Usually, around this month, the stress hormones go to a peak. You can try to have control over them by practicing yoga, relaxation, or meditation on regular basis.

When Three Months to Go for the Big- Day

Voila! You have come a long way and only three months to go! If you’ve been doing trial and error, you need to stop this month to avoid any kind of skin woes in the future. Stay dedicated to your skincare routine with Cleansing, and Moisturizing techniques. Even your dark spots and dullness must have been reduced to the utmost extent. Ensure to consume more citrus fruits or Vitamin C to enhance the glow of your skin. You can take the help of skin brightening cream or tablets like Agefine Forte enriched with L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. However, it’s better to consult your skincare expert before consuming any medication to know its possibilities and consequences on your skin. 

When Two Months to Go for the Big- Day

We know you don’t have much time left in your hands as you will be packed with parties and dinners to attend until D-day arrives. Getting caught in the wave and fatigue and unfortunately, you won’t be able to say NO for those extra snacks you’ve popped on. Ensure to drink detox juices and greens more regularly whenever possible to cut down on those additional guilty treats. Exercise, meditate, and don’t forget to apply a good amount of Sunroof Sunscreen Lotion with SPF- 50 before stepping. Try to keep your makeup minimal while heading out to avoid any skin issues. 

When One Month to Go for the Big- Day

Your wedding day is now getting closer and you shouldn’t be taking any kind of stress. Instead, get enough sleep as much as your body needs so that the skin does its restoring process in full swing. Go ahead with a clean diet paired with quality exercise sessions and frequent long walks in nature. Take care of your feet precisely if they are cracked or rough. Healing Foot Crack Cream can help in restoring your chapped, scaly, and cracked feet with the goodness of all herbal ingredients. 

Try these amazing pre-weddings hacks to get your skin glowing whilst you enjoy each phase of your Big-Day like a delightful treasure! Explore the wide range of premium Skincare and Personal Care products on Tafrepa.com to dazzle this wedding season. 

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