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Go Dandruff-Free with Best Shampoos from Tafrepa

Go Dandruff-Free with Best Shampoos

If you discuss hair and scalp issues with anyone, ‘dandruff’ is always on the top. Although, you don’t realize its presence unless it starts itching like crazy. It could be stressful and embarrassing to deal with dandruff, inclusive of the effort to dodge all the black outfits in your wardrobe for a reason. There can be many reasons for dandruff right from oily to dry to the infected scalp, this hair condition can be preventable.  

It is no less than a pesky woe that ultimately affects beauty. We all suffer from dandruff at some point in our life, and sooner or later, we look for something more than just an effective shampoo. If you are too, looking for a definite solution for dealing with dandruff like a PRO, make sure all the anti-dandruff ingredients listed below are present in your shampoo to escalate mild to severe scalp infection. 

Effective Anti-Dandruff Ingredients for Fabulous Hair & Scalp

Olive Oil

Adding olive oil to your hair care routine can effectively fight dandruff while enhancing scalp health. The antioxidants in this oil detoxify the scalp while protecting them from further damage in the future. 

DIY for dandruff: Take 2 spoons of Olive Oil, add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, and mix. Apply the mixture to your scalp and massage liberally. Let it stay for a couple of hours or overnight and wash it. 

Baking Soda

Who doesn’t want to exfoliate? We all do! Baking Soda can exfoliate the dead skin cells from the scalp while drenching out all the excess oil from the scalp for a dandruff-free experience.

DIY for dandruff: Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to one cup of water and mix. Thoroughly apply over the scalp and hair, let it settle for 15 minutes, and rinse. 


Onion is known for its amazing anti-fungal and anti-dandruff properties due to its high sulphur concentration. This kitchen ingredient has gained wide popularity in the hair care industry because of its promising results. It helps in maintaining healthy hair and scalp by enhancing blood circulation over the scalp and discarding dandruff.

DIY for dandruff: Prepare a smooth onion paste and apply the same to your scalp. Slowly move towards your hair. Let it stay in your hair for almost an hour, and wash it with mild soap.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works exceptionally on dandruff and itchy scalp. Its hydrating and anti-fungal properties superiorly nourish the scalp while eradicating dandruff and itchiness associated with dandruff. Plus, it nourishes your hair while boosting hair growth. 

DIY for dandruff: You can create your own anti-dandruff hair care product at home by combining 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil and a few drops of Lemon Juice. Thoroughly massage your scalp and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo to reveal dandruff-free hair.

Tea Tree Oil

The anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties of Tea Tree Oil effectively treat dandruff while stimulating hair follicles for overall healthy hair growth. It’s excellent cleansing and anti-dandruff abilities have made this ingredient quite popular in the hair care industry.

DIY for dandruff: Add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to your choice of essential oil and massage liberally on your scalp. Let it stay for an hour, and wash it away with mild soap. 

Pick an Anti-dandruff Shampoo from Tafrepa

Using a shampoo primarily focused on offering long-term relief from dandruff can be a great way to a hassle-free hair care routine. Follikesh Onion Hair Shampoo can effortlessly makes the whole cleansing process easier by combating and preventing dandruff. Moreover, this mild shampoo is formulated from natural ingredients with ZERO parabens and sulphate involved. To know more about Follikesh and its products, read more on the website. 

Pro Hair Care Tips by Tafrepa

You might love to check out the ingredients of Follikesh Onion Hair Oil. It is a blissful blend of Onion Seed Oil, Olive Oil, and Tea Tree Oil that we have already discussed above. Try your hands on these herbal-enriched products to maximize your hair care routine.

Tafrepa Recommends: Dandrofine Dandruff Control Hair Shampoo & Follikesh Onion Shampoo. Check them out!

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