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Here’s How Tea Tree Oil Can Combat Acne & Pimples

Here’s How Tea Tree Oil Can

Oily skin is an open ground for those pesky and uninvited guests such as pimples and acne. Dealing with skin problems after a certain age is a common phase we all have to go through. Skin problems don’t come with any sign or warning, but once it appears, it demands immediate attention. These acne or pimples are nothing but bacterial build-up that can be treated at home without purchasing hefty amounts of extravagant skincare products

Tea Tree is the classic plant that is naturally grown into an ingredient, known to combat several skin conditions including the occurrence of pimples and acne on oily skin.

Interestingly, even the skincare industry experts have recognized the potential of this plant and started incorporating it into various skin care products to reap benefits. And now Tea Tree Oil has become a popular choice among many skincare enthusiasts for treating acne and pimple effectively. All thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. To those who aren’t introduced to this traditional yet powerful plant, read below to find more. 

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is commonly known as melaleuca oil. It is extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, with its native to Australia. Considered an essential oil, it works excellently in treating irritated and acne-formed skin. This oil can cure several ailments, such as wounds, athlete’s foot, eyelid-related infections, lice, nail fungus, dandruff, scabies, and herpes. 

Tea Tree leaves have naturally multiplying antibacterial properties that kill acne-causing bacteria and germs. This ingredient is highly used in high-end skincare products and bathing bars. Tea tree oil is a player at regulating excess sebum production on the skin while mitigating subsequent breakout pattern. 

Below are the detailed benefits of Tea tree oil on oily skin: 

1. Antibacterial– Tea tree contains a peculiar compound known as terpinen-4-ol. Therefore, it delivers a strong antimicrobial effect. It further reduces the speed of microorganisms multiplying while enhancing the efficacy of white blood cells.

2. Antifungal- The terpinen-4-ol can terminate various yeast and fungal impacts. Moreover, it has great efficacy-enhancing power when combined with other antifungal drugs.

3. Anti-inflammatory– Anyone with inflammatory conditions can get considerable relief with the use of tea tree oil as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

Tea Tree Oil on acne and breakouts

Acne is formed due to the excess production of oil by the sebaceous glands which is also known as sebum. The extreme pores formed on the skin start getting clogged with excess oil, dirt, and grime. This encourages the development of a favorable environment for bacteria to breed while triggering acne.

Those who have sensitive and oily skin are highly prone to acne and breakouts. Adopting a healthy skincare routine plays a pivotal role in upholding the health of the skin. 

Things to avoid when you have sensitive or oily skin

  • Ensure to avoid skincare products that include alcohol content
  • Ensure to avoid skincare products that contain any kind of harsh elements or chemicals.
  • Ensure to avoid skincare products that contain oily substances as they may aggravate the oily skin woes.

Tafrepa has the solution 

Those who have oily or acne-prone skin can use tea tree face wash as it can dramatically reduce excess oil production in the skin while clearing the clogged pores. There are a few users with oily skin, who have reportedly found a considerable reduction in acne and improve skin tone on religiously using tea tree oil-infused face wash. 

Xheal Neem Tulsi Aloe Vera Face Wash is a subtly mild face wash that you can try to manage acne, moisturize skin, and heal other skin conditions. Formulated with a superior blend of 3 powerful ingredients, this face wash can work wonders on all skin types.

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