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Home remedies for healing foot calluses


Tired of battling with those uneven and stubborn foot calluses? Don’t let these rough patches bring down the evenness of your skin. Here are some amazing at-home remedies, to get rid of those annoying foot calluses while making them smooth and soft.

You don’t have to live with the pesky callus anymore. Here are simple home remedies to try to smoothen callus formation. Foot calluses are usually the thick, hardened patches appearing over the foot skin probably due to excessive pressure or friction. Although these calluses are not harmful, they can certainly be painful while making it difficult for you to walk.

Any person on average takes at least 5,000 to 10,000 steps per day. Well, this can cause tremendous wear and tear on our feet, triggering those calluses. Calluses are nothing but the body’s way to protect the skin from repeated friction and pressure on the feet. Calluses can be formed anywhere around the foot, but mostly it is seen near the heels and balls of the feet.

Home remedies to heal foot calluses at home

1. Soak your feet in warm water

It is a relaxing and therapeutic experience to keep your feet soaked in warm water. To soften your calluses, you should be soaking for 10-15 minutes as it can gradually soften the callus while making it easier to smoothen. You can also add some Epsom salt or vinegar to it for add-on benefits. To soften the callused area, use a pumice stone to rub your foot gently over it and exfoliate the area.

2. Apply moisturizer

We all know the benefits of hydration! Clear your calluses gradually by keeping them moisturized throughout the day and softening them. To soften the area, you will have to apply a moisturizer after soaking it in warm water. Later, cover the feet with socks to lock in the moisture and keep the hydration at par. 

3. Use a callus remover

There are many callus removers available online and offline such as gels, creams, and patches. Using these callus removal remedies at home can effectively bring down discomfort and pain. Try to use patches made of salicylic acid or urea, as they help dissolve the hardened skin. 

Pro tip: Healing Corn Caps are ideal salicylic acid based adhesive strips to soften and dry out corns and calluses. 

4. Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing the right pair of shoes plays a pivotal role in maintaining healthy feet. Those wearing the wrong fit of shoes can create excessive friction on your feet while causing calluses. Always pick up a pair of shoes that fit you well to adequate support and a comfortable footwear experience. 

5. Use insoles or padding

In case you have a specific area of your foot prone to calluses, it is best to use insoles or padding to avoid friction and other issues. This will help in releasing the pressure and friction over that area. 

6. Maintain good foot hygiene

Ensure to keep your feet always clean and dry to prevent calluses from forming in the future. Always wear clean socks and avoid walking barefoot in public areas. Best foot hygiene is non-negotiable under all circumstances to keep up the best foot forward. 

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