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How to Use Anti-Lice Hair Oil Effectively: A Step-by-Step Guide

Anti-Lice Hair Oil Effectively

Lice in hair has been one of the most common concerns among kids. And to deal with such little itchy and infected scalps, we mothers have to arm ourselves not with swords and shields, but with the magical elixir from the closet. My go-to product is Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil. If your child has been to facing such persistent and pesky infestation of these tiny invaders, do not fret! Follikesh has got us all covered through the realms of effective lice treatment without any nasty ingredients involved for the happy heads. Grab the bottle of Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil available in 30ml online as a solid and herbal armour to banish those uninvited guests from your child’s scalp.

Lice Heal Hair Oil

Here are steps to incorporate Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil into your child’s hair care routine for excellent results:-

  1. Step 1

Gather everything that you might need while applying anti-lice hair oil on a child’s scalp.

Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil comes along with a fine-toothed comb to ensure you have a smooth experience. 

  • Step 2

Now that you’ve gathered your weapons, it’s time to begin applying anti-lice hair oil to the scalp by making tiny sections. You can profusely Apply Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil to your child’s scalp while ensuring to cover the entire scalp without any hesitation of side effects. 

  • Step 3

Take a considerable amount of the Follikesh Anti-Lice Hair Oil and massage it into your scalp. Ensure it reaches the roots of the hair follicles including every nook and corner of the scalp to kill those notorious lice. Let the oil stay in the head for 20-30 minutes.

  • Step 4

After 20-30 minutes begin combing hair with a fine-toothed comb – your trusty weapon in this battle. Gently comb through every section of your child’s hair, beginning from the roots. Keep a watch on the comb for those unconscious lice and their eggs. Ensure to wipe the comb with a cloth or tissue after each stroke to keep track of eliminating lice.

  • Step 7: Step 5

After you are done combing ensure to wash your kid’s hair with a gentle hair care shampoo and lukewarm water. Ensure to wash twice with shampoo to be sure that there’s no residue of oil left behind in the hair or scalp.  

To Sum It Up

By using Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil at home you can successfully eliminate lice and their eggs from your child’s scalp. Moreover, this hair oil magically works on the scalp to prevent further occurrence of lice in the head. Now, let your child enjoy and explore the world full of learnings non-stop with herbs-infused Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil. Buy Follikesh Anti Lice Hair Oil online at FLAT 40% OFF exclusively on www.tafrepa.com

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