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Quick De-Tan Tips to Follow at Home

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Is laziness lingering around after a long vacation? That’s because your cheerful mind can’t get in sync with your regular routine. Those quirky memories, you’ve captured alongside those liberal tans may not seem to please you enough. Extreme sun exposure has a brutal impact! Can’t deny it! Those tans are the body’s blunt way of defending your bare skin from sunburn. It is said to be impossible to save your bare skin from the UV rays of the sun without any kind of sun protection. However, these UV radiations without proper coverage, end up penetrating the skin resulting in tanning. Higher exposure to these rays for prolonged duration can further lead to Melanoma, a type of skin cancer. Moreover, it can also spring into black patches, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, etc. 

Here are some quick de-tan tips you should be following after returning home from your voyage:

1. CTM Regime for Tan

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing is the best way to sweep away all the dust, pollution, and other impurities, including minor tan. Hence, regularly CTM’ing your skin can help enhance your appearance while boosting your confidence further. However, it is essential to stick to gentle, and chemical free to reap the maximum result. 

2. Eat Right for Tan

Although hyperpigmentation or tanning won’t fade, it can surely lighten by eating more seasonal fruits and veggies. This is one of the most economic and easily available techniques to beat your tanning. Using some seasonal fruits and vegetables that are both economical and readily available.

3. Aloe Vera for Tan

Aloe Vera is one of the most soothing and natural healing remedies that effectively takes care of dark tans. Its high water content and antioxidant properties help lighten skin with a visible result within a week. However, one has to be consistent with applying Aloe Vera over the tanned skin to gain an optimum result. Those who don’t have an Aloe Vera plant can switch to pure-based Aloe Vera gel that is readily available in the market. Try Xheal Aloe Vera Gel in the raw form or mix it with your choice of skin care product to reap its benefit. 

4. Honey for Tan

Fading those fine lines of tan won’t be exasperating anymore with these famous kitchen ingredients – Honey and Lemon. Simply mix two tablespoons of honey with a few drops of lemon juice. Liberally apply the mixture to the tanned area daily for at least 15 minutes and wash it off with water. Repeat the process religiously until you’ve achieved the desired result. It helps in smoothening uneven skin tone while removing the dead skin cells from the layer of your skin. For exfoliating results, you can add sugar as well.

5. Tomatoes for Tan

Fix your visible tan lines with the soothing effect of antioxidants found in tomatoes. This excellent skin rejuvenating ingredient is easily available in the kitchen and has a natural bleaching effect. Adding one tablespoon of yogurt to some fresh tomato juice can be the cherry on top, as it contains lactic acid that helps moisturize the skin further. Make a thick paste, and apply it to your tanned area, including the face and neck. Wash off with water after 20 minutes to get sheer glowing and radiant skin naturally.

6. Cucumber for Tan

Experience the coolness of cucumber and rose on your tanned skin by simply mixing two tablespoons of cucumber juice with two tablespoons of rose water. The high water content of cucumber reverses the damaging effect while improving the skin tone for real. Simply mix both ingredients and apply them over the affected area using a cotton ball. Let it stay on your skin for a while and wash it off with water. 

7. Papaya for Tan

Detox your skin and body with the natural bleaching properties of Papaya. Mash ripen papaya and add little honey to it for a paste-like base. Apply evenly on the tanned skin to naturally brighten the skin tone. The natural exfoliating enzymes in papaya and the moisturizing effect of the Honey blends to soothe the tanned skin while reducing the impact of ageing associated with sun damage.

8. Chandan for Tan

Pamper your inflamed and tanned skin with the age-old traditional ingredient – Chandan (Sandalwood). Restore your dead skin cells while enhancing the glow of the skin with the use of Sandalwood. Liberally apply sandalwood paste over the affected area and let it dry. Wash it off with water to reveal an instant glow. It further has an effective result in reducing blemishes, and acne as well. For the best result, ensure to apply Chandan paste daily on your skin.

9. Potato for Tan

The bleaching effect of potatoes helps in lightening darker skin tone. It works explicitly on dark circles and sunburned skin. Simply extract potato juice and apply it to the affected area. Let it stay on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse off with water. Witness dramatic reduction in tan with profuse use of Potato on skin.

10. Saffron for Tan

Considered to be the natural sunscreen, Saffron has the potency to lighten skin complexion while smoothening uneven skin tone. Great way to keep your tanning woes at bay, use a few strands of saffron. Soak it in milk overnight and apply over the darker area of the skin. Let it stay for a while, and rinse it off with water. Applying saffron and milk blend to your skin can intensely hydrate, soothe irritated and enhance blemished skin.  

Importance of sunscreen 

Sun damage is real, and it can further lead to the ageing of the skin. If you want to get out into the sun without any regret, we’d recommend you should make use of sunscreen with a good SPF. Now you must be assuming what is SPF. Well, SPF is nothing but the Sun Protection Factor, which determines the level of protection you’ve been receiving from sun exposure. With SPF 15 giving you up to 93% protection from harmful UV rays, SPF 50 can give you up to 98% protection. To be precise, using sunscreen with SPF 50 can save your skin 50 times longer from sunburn when compared with someone without sunscreen. A Higher SPF level indicates higher sun protection and minimal skin damage. Hence, it is recommended to apply at least SPF 50 sunscreen whenever you have to stay outdoors in the daytime for a longer duration. According to dermatologist experts, sunscreen should be applied every day, even under rainy and gloomy weather. Sunroof Sunscreen Lotion from Healing Pharma offers ultimate SPF 50 protection while covering your eyes with quality sunglasses. 

What does Sunroof Sunscreen do?

Sunroof Sunscreen Lotion with SPF-50 has a gentle yet effective sun-protecting formula that ensures to take care of your tan while moisturizing the skin. Octinoxate in this sunscreen is extensively used to block major UVA & UVB rays. This sunscreen is safe for everyday use and works effectively among, both men and women. This sunscreen lotion gets into the skin without forming any greasy, or sweaty effect on the skin while giving a super-lightweight feel. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E, this sunscreen intensely moisturizes and hydrates the skin, making them soft, and supple. Those with dry skin can use this sunscreen lotion liberally for a soothing and hydrating effect. This water-resistant sunscreen lotion is paraben-free and sulfate-free as well. 

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