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Skincare Tips for Acne-Prone Skin


There is almost nothing that ruins a beautiful day except a few bouts of painful, and strongly visible acne or breakouts. Although you can’t predict them, they usually arrive right before the day you wish to look your best. The woe doesn’t just end here, even on their dispersal, they ensure to leave marks or black spots behind. This is the most popular reason for a patchy and inflamed skin tone. Your hesitation about trying new products is totally valid especially when you have sensitive skin that is highly prone to acne. Almost all of us have been through this phase in our life at least once, where all we do is try to get rid of those ugly pimples and pesky acne. Your general skincare routine might not effectively work on this stubborn acne and pimples. Therefore, we have created some amazing skincare tips to prevent and treat your acne-prone skin.

Let’s begin with the causes

Finding the ideal solution that works all time is only possible after you tend to rectify the cause of acne or pimple. Some people may have acne-prone skin texture and type which is considered sensitive skin. Some may have oily skin and experience frequent breakouts and pimples. Some may even suffer from acne or pimple build-up because of their hormonal changes, genetics, dietary habits, lifestyle habits, or due to specific medications. Anxiety and stress-related symptoms also collaborate for visible breakouts. 

Treat skincare with the easy skincare routines below:

Treat your Skin Gently

Those with frequent acne formation have sensitive skin. Hence, it must be handled with utmost care. Avoid rubbing your skin rigorously with or without product. This act can instigate those breakouts while turning them into pimples. Even if you are applying any makeup, make sure to cleanse your face right before and after the application to avoid further breakouts. It is a must for all who have sensitive skin to do a patch test. Whether you are applying a new product or any DIY recipe on your skin, it is essential to do a patch test on your wrist or elbow to ensure the ingredients don’t have an irritating effect on your skin.

Learn the Cause

The first step to treating acne or breakout should be the identification of the underlying cause. Without knowing the cause, you will ultimately end up doing the same thing that irritates your skin more often. At times, you would also end up trying several treatments for your breakouts like a trial-and-error situation without knowing what works best on your skin. The dermatologist is the best one to help you learn the root cause of acne and breakout formation. However, make an appointment with the best derma doctor to avoid the struggle of frequent switching of doctors.

Cleanse Always

We all would agree with the phrase prevention is better than cure. This is the topmost trending mantra to keep acne at bay. Hence, ensure to cleanse your skin thoroughly at least thrice a day or whenever you apply makeup. Even when you don’t apply anything to your face, throughout the day, it is exposed to pollution, dust, and grime that directly goes and settles over the surface of the skin while clogging pores to form pimples. This does a lot of damage to your skin, more than we all can think. In case you have sensitive skin, we highly recommend using a nice, mild, and skin-soothing cleanser to wash your face.

Don’t Pop those Pimples

Picking and popping those annoying pimples can create more havoc by leaving acne scars behind on your skin that could be irreversible. Moreover, constantly touching breakouts and acne can lead to spreading further. Instead, look for something that goes gentle over your skin while at the same time soothing those breakouts and acne with some effective DIY at home or with a natural skincare product that is worth buying. 

Pick Your Skincare Product Wisely

Right products do all the justice to your skin, choosing the wrong ones can make you suffer. This is why always try to incorporate only effective products that suit your skin in curbing acne. Always look for something that is backed by Ayurveda or Science and not belongs to the cosmetic world. Cosmetic products at times can trigger breakouts as it contains toxic chemicals and parabens that can ruin your sensitive skin. Those with oily and acne-prone skin can pick products infused with glycolic acid or maybe salicylic acid to hold back excess oil formation while keeping your skin oil-free. Our favorite is Agefine Skin Whitening’s range of products such as cream, face wash, and soap. Enriched with Glycolic Acid makes these products ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.

Moisturize Frequently

Moisturizing is key even if you have acne and pimples all over your face. Active acne and breakout need to be moisturized evenly to offer ultimate relaxation to your irritated skin. Taking care of pimples and break-outs are best practice one should be following. Adding a mild moisturizer that is suitable, lightweight, and mild to your skin can work wonders on your skin in dealing with those unwanted breakouts. Those who have dehydrated skin have higher chances of producing oil and breakouts. A mildly oily moisturizer that settles very well onto the skin can do enough nourishing and skin rejuvenation. Our favorite is Xheal Gulab Moisturising Cream and Xheal Peach Milk Lotion for excellent hydration and moisturization.

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