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Stay Sun-Safe with Sunroof Sunscreen

Stay Sun-Safe with Sunroof Sunscreen

Going out for a vacation? The harsh sun has no mercy on anyone. With a bundle full of joy and memories, you will end up getting along, unwanted and stubborn tans that won’t go away for months. Are you thinking about what’s best you can do? Apply Sunroof Sunscreen to ditch tanning and sunburn like a pro!

With constant exposure to the sun, our skin can turn darker. Reason? Excessive heat produces a pigment called melanin to combat these UV rays. Luckily, with Sunroof Sunscreen, you get ultimate sun protection while having your bit of fun outdoors.  

How often should you apply sunscreen?

According to skincare experts, sunscreen is essential to be applied in all weather – sunny, rainy, and cloudy. With this process, you tend to protect your skin round-the-clock. The best time to apply any sunscreen is at least 20 minutes before going out into the sun. Slather a decent amount of sunroof sunscreen can keep your skin protected for an extended period. 

How to determine the SPF?

SPF indicates the Sun Protecting Factor in the sunscreen. The higher the protection, the lesser the damage. The Sunroof sunscreen offers SPF 50 protection to offer the utmost protection. Ideally, the experts recommend using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. You may have to reapply sunscreen in case of lower SPF and high-intensity of UV rays.

What does Sunroof Sunscreen do? 

Oily sunscreens end up haunting your skin? Don’t fret anymore, as Sunroof Sunscreen has got you covered with the oil-less formula. This sun expert formula is ideal for all skin types as it offers excellent moisturization and sun protection for prolonged hours. Use Sunroof Sunscreen with SPF 50 formula to protect your skin from 97% sun damage. This exceptionally non-greasy and lightweight sunscreen is enriched with Zinc oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Vitamin E. 

Those with oily skin need not worry either, as this skin will moisturize your skin without leaving any sticky effect behind. This sunscreen lotion quickly gets absorbed into the skin for fabulous protection of your skin. Your parched face and tanned skin will love this sunscreen lotion. Don’t believe it? Try it now!

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