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Top Reasons to Include Ghee in your Diet during Monsoon


As the monsoon has already begun, it’s that time when infections are at their peak. Monsoon is the time when the immunity goes on toss! This is the best season to enjoy something healthy beyond herbal teas and corn chaat. Yes, we are talking about the elixir of health and flavor in the diet – ghee! Ghee due to its superior health benefits and taste enhancing abilities, ghee holds a special place in every Indian’s heart. It instantly adds a rich aroma, nourishment, and a sense of traditional touch to the food that we eat. Apart from the divine taste, ghee also holds holistic benefits to maintain excellent health and well-being, which is much-needed during the rainy season.  

Ayurveda strongly recommends adequate consumption of ghee on a regular basis to achieve various health benefits. These benefits have a wider range right from excellent immunity to excellent skin. Read further to know the importance of consuming adequate ghee throughout the year, especially during monsoon. 

Reasons to consume ghee in your diet during monsoon

1. Improved digestion

Ghee is beneficial to boost digestion in the body as it gets easily digested in all climates. Also, the lubricative ability of ghee helps soothes the digestive tract while reducing inflammation. According to experts, ghee helps to promote bacterial growth in the gut to stimulate digestion and enrich nutrient absorption. Consuming an adequate amount of ghee also helps to alleviate common gastrointestinal issues like bloating, constipation, and nausea. 

2. Enhanced immunity

Ghee excellently boosts the immune system, especially during the rainy season. Ghee is known to contain antioxidants and Vitamin A that strengthens immune functioning. During monsoons, we tend to easily fall prey to viral infections such as cold and flu. Moderate consumption of ghee helps defend the body against colds and flu throughout the monsoon. Moreover, ghee further contains omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins D, E, and K, to work as a catalyst to fortify immunity and protect the body against various diseases.

3. Nourished hair

Monsoon season and humid climate can create wreak havoc on the hair, leaving it frizzy and damaged. Ghee has the superior benefits of offering a natural hair conditioner benefit to the hair strands while moisturizing the scalp. 

4. Healthy skin

Consuming ghee also has a positive impact on the skin just like it does to your hair. It deeply smoothens dull and dry skin, hydrates layers for nurtured glow, and other skin related problems. The short-chain fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins drastically reduce dark circles, prevent skin from drying, and help fade dark spots.

5. Enhanced brain function

Ghee is known to offer a calming effect on your mind. All thanks to the fatty content in ghee, it considerably helps to lower anxiety and stress while boosting brain functioning. Ghee consumption is also linked with enhanced cognitive abilities such as focus, memory, decision making, and concentration. You can boost your immunity and overall health with one blissful spoon full of ghee in your diet. Healing Pharma is your one-stop solution to deal with your poor immunity and digestion issues. This monsoon, don’t let the weather take a toll on your body. Pick the right health and wellness supplement on the go from your nearest pharma and tackle monsoon related illnesses promptly.  

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