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Winter Bestsellers on Tafrepa

Winter Bestsellers on Tafrepa

After the cumbersome rainfall and scorching heat, anyone would love to experience the sudden drop in mercury level, with a bit of sunshine and clear skies on usual. This change seems to be welcoming. It’s amazing to revive our bodies and soul in the sweet breezy winter while taking long evening strolls in the park. I have been relishing this sweater weather and the credit goes to smooth breezy and pleasant afternoons followed by a hot cup of ginger tea. This perfect weather to have strong tea (that’s what I prefer) immediately lights up my mind and soul. 

Let’s move ahead to the infuriating part is that our body goes through a major transition during winter. Dropping the temperature outside creates havoc in my body resulting in chapped lips, parched and scaly hands and legs, and cracked feet. With the reduction in humidity and chilling evenings, the entire moisture of my skin departs without any warning making it itching and inflamed. For me, winter counts in for numerous moisturizing creams and lotions for my skin to sustain throughout this weather.

I have been hustling these days a lot with my passion for writing and stocking up on the best winter care essentials. Although I know that winter is ahead in this race, I have recently stocked up on some amazing head-to-toe winter care items to keep my skin soft, hydrated, and glossy throughout the season. Here’s the list of bestselling winter care products on Tafrepa to eliminate the errands of treasure hunting store-to-store. 

Xheal Peach Milk Lotion

Ditch those synthetic preservatives and harmful chemicals that could upset your skin by adding Xheal Peach Milk Lotion to your winter care routine. Enriched with the goodness of natural plush ingredients, this lotion from Xheal can deeply nourish and moisturize your skin. 

Texture: Extremely lightweight and quickly gets absorbed by your skin

Result: Instantly hydrated and glowing skin.

Ideal for: Ideal for all seasons and all skin types. Works wonders on those who have oily skin.

Xheal Gulab Moisturizing Cream

Gently soothe your parched skin by adding Xheal Gulab Moisturizing Cream to your winter skin care regime. Enriched with all-natural and skin-moisturizing ingredients, this rose-infused moisturizing cream delivers everything that your skin craves in winter.

Texture: Slightly rich creamier, non-sticky, and quickly absorbed by your skin.

Result: Ultra-light smooth and plumped skin.

Ideal for: Ideal for all seasons and all skin types. Works wonders on those with dry and sensitive skin.

Healing Foot Crack Cream

Deeply moisturize your feet with Healing Foot Crack Cream that superiorly melts on the skin, leaving dried and cracked feet feeling amazingly hydrated and smooth. This herbal foot care formula excellently heels cracked by locking in moisture within.

Texture: Rich blend of herbal ingredients, great absorbing ability into the skin.

Result: Deeply nourishes affected feet and softens cracked areas.

Ideal for: Works amazingly on all skin types. 

Xheal Aloe Vera Gel

Your winter care shelf remains incomplete without Xheal Aloe Vera Gel. Extracted from the purest gel leaves, it is the most hydrating ingredient each one would need for parched and flaky skin. This versatile gel works wonders on keeping dryness away, soothing inflamed skin, and hydrating hair instantly. It can be easily clubbed with any other skincare or hair care product to expand the result on the go. 

Texture: Pure gel-like texture that absorbs quickly by the skin.

Result: Smoothens uneven and parched skin, heals wounds, and hydrates lips and hair too.

Ideal for: Works amazingly on all skin types.

Pick up your body’s bestie that will help your skin stay up-to-date even under the toughest weather without spending gazillions on beauty products.

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