7 Factors That Cause Sensitive Teeth & Solution

7 Factors That Cause Sensitive Teeth & Solution

Sensitive teeth is a major problem among many people that
causes irresistible dental pain while eating certain food products. This
problem is so huge that at least 1 out of 5 people is suffering from this issue
as per Times of India report.

Sensitivity pain is unpleasantly sharp and immediate. Fortunately, it is temporary. This pain touches the nerve endings of teeth. The good news is this problem is curable.


What causes
Sensitivity in Teeth?

As per a research conducted there is no specific age groups or types of people that suffer from sensitive teeth. This problem can hit anyone.

Commonly this unpleasant sharp pain is caused when our tooth
is exposed to air. Cold, hot, sweet and acidic food products also cause this
pain. Few people experience it while brushing or flossing as well.

Dentin is the softest layer beneath the enamel. Enamel is a layer on our teeth that protects dentin and gums protect the root of our teeth. Our teeth are vulnerable to sensitivity when the layer of enamel disappears or when the gum line shrinks.

Dentin exposure is caused by cracked teeth, cavity, gum reduction, enamel erosion, etc. Dentin causes pain because it is connected to the nerve that triggers the pain of sensitivity. Dentinal tubules in dentin allow heat, cold, acidic and sticky substances to reach nerves when exposed to certain elements.

Factors That Cause Teeth Sensitivity:


  1. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush or brushing very hard.
  2. Reduction in Gums
  3. Irritation or swelling in gums (Gingivitis)
  4. Cracked teeth or cavity.
  5. Clenching of teeth.
  6. Using acidic mouth wash for very long
  7. Acidic Foods

At times also dental treatment can cause sensitivity as our
teeth are more sensible after cleaning and crown replacement procedures. This
pain disappears soon.


Solution For Teeth
Sensitivity :

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