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Intimate Hygiene Guide

As a woman, we have many roles to play. In today’s quick-moving era, we all are constantly shuffling between roles and responsibilities. It won’t be surprising if you deny taking good care of yourself in all ways. This also includes intimate hygiene care! Almost half of the female population don’t pay any heed to taking intimate hygiene seriously or consider skipping according to their convenience. 

Although there are a handful of them who precisely follow good intimate hygiene every day unless they are menstruating. However, proper maintenance of intimate hygiene should be naturally adopted on all days, especially when menstruating. Lack of hygiene down there, is a major contributor to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), vaginal infection, itching, discomfort, bad odour, rashes, or irregular discharge. 

Here’s a quick intimate hygiene guide we have curated for all the ladies out there who wish to see lesser gyneos but more happiness down there.


Having a wonderful pH balance down there is extremely important as much as it is to have that area cleaned. Hence, it is recommended by experts to use an intimate feminine cleanser as it helps in cleaning effectively without affecting the pH level of the skin. Fem-O-Fresh Vaginal Hygiene Cleanser is unique in its way as it is formulated with the goodness of herbal ingredients to deliver antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, it cleanses and conditions the skin down there while preventing irritation and dryness all day long.

Cleanse while you menstruate

Menstruating is part and parcel of our lives. Your six-day-long menstruation period should not take a toll on your intimate hygiene. With lots of humidity down there, we tend to throw impurities and sweat too. Regularly cleansing, even while menstruating can help get rid of toxins by keeping that area healthy and fresh.  

Wear comfortable innerwear

It is highly advised by experts to stick to cotton panties that are loose and not too tight. Panties made of synthetic material or lycra can ruin your intimate hygiene. Not wearing proper fit can cause friction while impacting private parts. Not wearing a properly fit panty can further transfer the bacteria from back to front causing urinary tract infections. Wearing cotton fabric innerwear helps absorb sweat, humidity, and moisture for excellent feminine health. 

Mini but mighty tips to practice for excellent intimate hygiene:-

– Giving your inner wear a miss while sleeping is an excellent way to keep up your intimate hygiene. 

– Ponder on infection-fighting foods to keep several infections at bay. Try including avocados, sweet potatoes, or cranberries in your diet as much as possible.

– Consume ample water to stay hydrated as it helps maintain the pH level down there while eliminating chances of UTI.

– Ensure to change your tampons or sanitary napkins regularly when on periods.   

– After performing a physical activity, do not forget to change your sweaty inner wear, as it may invite bacterial build-up.

– Always use a gentle cleanser like Fem-O-Fresh. In case of non-availability, don’t use body soap, as it may hamper the pH level.