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Proti Boost Powder

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Energy Drink Powder – Available In  Chocolate Flavour


Energy Drink Powder -Proti Boost is the Best Protein Supplement enriched with DHA and contains high-quality proteins with dry fruits. Whether you are a professional athlete, gym freak, or just someone who is passionate to be fit and looking for a delicious drink, Proti Boost is the answer to this, This energy drink powder will give you the energy to increase your capacity for physical training.

It is the best energy protein supplement powder online that energizes your body and comes in two flavors- chocolate protein powder & ice cream flavor protein powder with low calorie, high-protein, and sugar-free. It has nutrients that help in the maintenance of optimal bone & muscle strength

Weight Control

Having this healthy energy drink helps control calories which can empower you to stay fit and maintains you from getting unnecessary fat. You can buy protein supplements online on tafrepa at affordable price. Energy drink powder provides complete and balanced nutrition because it is enriched with DHA and dryfruits and most important thing is that this drink is sugar free. This energy drink powder is 100% natural product and helps build bones and Immunity. Support digestive health and helps in metabolism, fluid and electrolyte balance.

This energy supplements drink powder has combination of all the essential nutrients in one meal and is the ideal family drink powder. It is an excellent source of high quality proteins and vitamins that helps in preventing various nutrient deficiency disorders. It also tastes good.

International Name: Proti Boost Powder
Active Ingredient: Enriched with Dryfruits
Manufacturer: Healing Pharma
Form: Powder
Packing: 200 gm

Ice-Cream Flavour, Chocolate Flavour

3 reviews for Proti Boost Powder

  1. Shailesh

    This protein supplement provide protein and multi vitamin to your body. Its tasty and adding it to your diet will help you more. Go for it!!

  2. Ankita J

    This energy drink gives all nutrition which human body needs and not gaining weight and removes weakness.

  3. Parth Patel

    It is very lite and at the same time good support for morning diet. It can be used by anyone of any age, it has the required nutrients one may need. Must try this product.

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