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Healing OK is a Multivitamin Nutritional Supplement with Amino Acids & Energy Boosters (Ginseng Extract & Taurine) which helps to stay strong & active. This Multivitamin Supplement also produces missing nutrients in everyday diet to support an active lifestyle.


Ginseng is a natural herb which is often called a “wonder herb”. It keeps us healthy, fit and active throughout the day. Ginseng is an excellent adaptogen and is known to adopt to the body’s needs.


Such as potentially helping keep the heart healthy, working as the antioxidant, helping stimulates the muscle to offer better performance for athletes and providing relaxing, Sedative effects that could help someone with neurological disorders.


A multivitamin is preparation intended to be a dietary supplements with vitamins dietary minerals, and other nutritional elements.


A mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is solid and stable at room temperature, representable by a chemical formula.

International name :: Healing Ok

Manufacturer :: Healing Pharma

Packing :: 10 Tablets

Contains :: Ginseng,Taurine

Product form :: Tablets


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