Follikesh Serum – Hair growth serum

Follikesh Serum – Hair growth serum

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Uses of  Follikesh  Serum  – Anti-Hair Fall Serum

If you desire to grow your hair quickly while still maintaining the quality, Hair Growth Serum is all you need. The active ingredients in the hair serum stimulate the hair roots and the scalp. This, in turn, triggers the dead or dormant hair follicles to initiate new hair growth. As the hair serum works their way by ‘rebooting’ the redundant hair follicles as well, it also helps in increasing the thickness of the hair. This makes hair serum an ultimate solution for those facing hair thinning, reduced hair growth, alopecia, premature balding and bald patches as well

Follikesh Serum is an effective solution for hair fall. It is enhanced with supplements that animate the development of hair. It can be used as Anti-Hair Fall Serum as it is also useful in hair issues like baldness, scalp disease, diminishing of hair and damaged hair.

How To Apply this Hair growth serum?

Sometimes even the best of hair serums cannot give you desired results if they are not applied correctly. Therefore always keep this guide for applying hair serum. This applying process surely helps to get hair growth safely.

  •  Pour 2-6 drops on serum on your palms and rub together. Serum should never be applied using fingertips. Always use a soft paddle brush to spread the serum on your hair.
  • Hair serum should always be applied along the length of your hair. Unlike other hair care products that are used from the scalp, serums should never be applied on the scalp and hair roots. After applying with your palms along the length, brush your hair to spread the serum evenly.
  •  Now you just need to blow dry your hair completely. Besides stimulating hair growth this hair serum for regrowth will give you soft and silky manageable hair that will make heads turn in your direction and work as anti-hair fall serum too.


  • Propylene Glycol
  • Aloe vera Extract
  • Lactic Acid
  • Glycine Soja Germ Extract
  • Salicylic Acid


  • Effective in treating hair fall
  • Rejuvenates the hair and stimulates the growth of hair
  • Provides essential nutrients which support the healthy growth of hair
  • Helps in healing scalp infections
  • Heals dry and damaged hair
International Name:: Follikesh Serum
Contains:: Niacinamide
Manufacturer:: Healing Pharma
Form:: Serum
Packing :: 100ml

5 reviews for Follikesh Serum – Hair growth serum

  1. Melissa

    Very best Serum product as compare to other serum and even better than those.
    Protect hair from damage ,i liked this really give the best result.

  2. Saba khan

    It’s just like an oil but not very greasy. Highly recommended.

  3. Aara Dawe

    Makes hair frizz free without making it greasy.

  4. Revo Sharma

    I am using this spray for the first time. Smells great and easy to spray on hair, add shine to the hair.

  5. Asif Ahmed (verified owner)

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