Hair Free Cream


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International Name
Vitamin E + Aloe Vera
Healing Pharma
Tube 25 mg / 60 mg
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  • Hair free not only removes very short hair but in also clinically proven to leave your skin moisturised for up to 24 hours.
  • Smoother for longer: As Hair free works close to the root of hair, your hair takes noticeably longer to grow back.
  • Fast Acting: Effective hair removal in just 3-5 minutes.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Care for all skin type: Different skin types need different care and Hair free has special variant for every skin types, be it normal, Dry or sensitive
For extra skin care
  • As per consumer test
  • As per clinical substantiation
  • Then saving
  • The cream takes to works depends on the thickness of hair and variant used.

Direction For Use

  1. Apply directly onto the skin with the spatula spreading the cream evenly to fully cover the hair.
  2. Leave the cream on the skin for 3 minutes, timed carefully & then using the edge of the spatula fist remove cream from a small area. If hair come away easily, remove the rest of the cream too. If needed, leave the cream on for a bit longer. Refer instructions below for how long to keep cream on skin.
  3. Rinse your skin thoroughly with water.

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25 gm, 60 gm



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