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Healing One Aid

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Brand Name :
Healing One Aid 1/2 Inch
Contains :
Micropore Surgical Tape Monocarton
Mfg By :
Healing Pharma India Pvt.Ltd
Form :
Surgical Tape
Packing :
1x1 (monocarton)
Strength :
1/2 Inch
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Micropore surgical tape from Healing Pharma makes sure that the wound dressing stays unharmed and in one piece and is also very reliable in securing the medical tubing.
Micropore tape allows the skin to breathe while protecting the area from stenting and hence aiding in faster healing.


  • Surgical Paper Tapes
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Conformable and Highly Breathable
  • Reliably Secures Dressings and Devices to Skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-Free


International Name Healing One Aid

Contains : Micropore Surgical Tape Monocarton

Manufacturer:Healing Pharma

Form:  Surgical Tape

Packing: 1×24 Pc

Box pack : (24 x 1/2 Inch)
(Rs.960 per box)

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